Don’t Overlook the Heart of Your Vehicle: The Battery

Although car batteries are wildly overlooked as a critical maintenance component, batteries play a huge role in your vehicle’s operations. In a modern-day car, virtually every component in ran electronically, such as the fuel injection system, ignition system, and even the automatic transmission system. A car battery provides the zap of electricity necessary to power all of the electrical components in your vehicle. Without battery power, your car will not start. Essentially, your car’s battery converts the chemical energy it possesses into electrical energy necessary to power and start your vehicle, ultimately delivering voltage to the starter. Additionally, it acts as a stabilizer of voltage to keep your engine running. That little heavy box provides a tremendous amount of functional power necessary for vehicle operation.

On average, a cars battery will last 3 to 5 years, however due to driving habits and exposure to severe elements can shorten the lifespan of the battery. One of the worst-case scenarios a car owner can experience is facing a dead battery. Luckily, many auto dealers and repair shops perform battery testing free of charge. They can easily determine the power of your battery, and whether there is an efficient amount of fluid in the battery. There are also many symptoms that will notify the driver of a weak battery. Some of these symptoms include slow engine cranking, check engine light, low battery fluid level, swollen battery cases, dreadful smell and a battery’s age. Furthermore, cold temperatures force car batteries to work harder in order to retain the same amount of heat and energy.

Battery maintenance is not as difficult as it seems. Periodically, you should pop the top off of the battery to look inside for water covering the plates. If water is visible, the battery is good, and if not, you can easily add some distilled water. You can also observe the battery terminal for corrosion, and if any corrosion is visible, you should clean it off with a brush, while also spraying some battery terminal protection spray to deter any further corrosion. Additionally, if you need recharging for your battery or a new one altogether, you can easily perform an internet search for something like batteries wollongong for an example, which will result in an abundant number of options available in your area. Batteries are a lot like yogurt, they go bad over time. It is critical to maintain your battery, so you don’t incur any further damage such as alternator malfunctions. Don’t think of a battery as just an inexpensive component with only one function, it is essentially the heart of your car.

There are numerous reasons for premature car battery failures. On average, one in every four car batteries fail each winter. Typically, luxury cars offering power-demanding auxiliary options are a common cause for battery failure. Furthermore, battery failure can also be attributed to loss of water due to the lack of battery maintenance, evaporation from under the hood heat and overcharging. For an example, when you are sitting in your car with only the accessories on, and not the ignition, this tremendously drains your battery at a rapid pace. Additionally, the most common failures attributed to car battery failure include short-circuited cells due to failure of the separator between the positive and negative plates, broken internal connections resulting from corrosion, broken plates due to corrosion and vibration, damage to the battery case and low electrolyte level.