The time I got motorcycle parts as a birthday present

We’ve all experienced getting strange birthday presents in our lifetime. From a random pair of socks to deodorants and even a bag of chips I kid you not. I personally don’t mind or get upset if my friends don’t get me anything for my birthday. As they say it’s the thought that counts. And as long as they remember it’s my birthday I’m happy. And when I do receive a birthday present, what I care about more than the present itself, is whether the person has actually taken the time to think about what they are buying for me. Sometimes it could be something totally irrelevant, but something that is well thought out and will make me laugh and cheer me up. And sometimes it can be something that they know I actually need and will use. What I don’t like is when I get a birthday present that isn’t thought out. It may even be very expensive. But if it’s clear that the person hasn’t thought about specifically buying something that matches my personality and needs, it doesn’t create a spark in me. The best birthday present I’ve ever gotten from anyone were a set of motorcycle parts that I really needed at the time.

Motorcycle parts can be the perfect gift  

If you’re thinking well that’s a really strange birthday present to receive, think again. I know it wasn’t something that was just laying around in my friend’s house. So I know that he went out and bought it specifically for me. And even if it was just magically sitting there randomly, it was exactly what I needed at the time. And on top of that I was in a really bad financial situation back then and really couldn’t afford any extra spending. So all in all this was the best thing I could have hoped for as a birthday present.

What I bought in return

My friend who got me the motorcycle parts for my birthday present is a snowboard freak. As soon as the first snow falls on the mountains, you can barely find him in the city. But I remembered that when he went snowboarding with his friends they always had trouble fitting their boards in his small hatchback. So I thought for his birthday this year, I’d return him the favor and buy him a ski rack so he won’t have this problem anymore. And today when I gave him the ski rack you can’t imagine how happy he was. He said that he had never even thought about buying one, but it was the best thing he could have received.